Artist Coaching 

Philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, "He who has a why to live can endure any how."

Knowing your why, the reason and the purpose you create the art that you do, is an important first step in figuring out how to create the artist's life you enjoy living.

Do you struggle with your art career? Have trouble staying focused and on track? Is your inner “art” critic getting you down and keeping you from enjoying a successful career as an artist?

I’ve been there! I am an artist, an autodidact and I have ADHD (which I believe is being wildly curious about everything). For years I struggled to understand why I couldn't make a living off of my creative ingenuity. I was confused and depressed, wondering what direction to go in and then one day I reached out. I reached out to others who had walked this path before me and guess what...I started to get answers! I learned that there were effective, proven ways to focus all of my energy, passion and creative intelligence - and get paid for it. Work with me and you will learn how to effectively work through creative blocks, overcome resistance, and break down the walls of fear and doubt. You'll discover the secrets of the art world and my modus operandi is for you to become the hero of your own adventure.

Here is how we can work together: 

  • Formulate and clarify your career goals. Learn to be accountable and focused in your career.

  • Learn how how to promote your unique artistic talent and value your personal strengths.

  • Learn how to build professional relationships and reach your targeted audience.

  • Enhance your promotional materials: artist's statement, biography, website.

  • Identify your core values and learn how to use them as a framework for establishing healthy boundaries and better communication in your personal and professional life.


90 minute session = $150.00
5 - 90 minute sessions = $675
10 - 90 minute sessions = $1200


"The sense of creative self-discovery and connection that Jennifer brings to our calls is authentic and encouraging. I look forward to talking with her each week and hearing her supportive words.  Jennifer’s coaching helped me identify my core values and she uses a process that’s both fun and exciting. The process feels like an adventure of self-discovery, where we find the gold in each situation, leading to the core values.  Afterwards, I feel empowered and witnessed, accepted and understood. All of these feelings lead to a more clear and grounded space where I can plan out my next steps. I see values development and goal setting as essential skills for any creative entrepreneur. " - Jill Banting, Artist, Masters of Applied Arts - ECUAD

"Jennifer Johnson's guidance to strategize my goals for a recent exhibition was key to a breakthrough in how I perceive myself as artist and entrepreneur. We looked at efficient planning, setting a financial goal, and some details around promotional strategies. I even surpassed my financial goal! Jennifer has wonderful energy and an obvious passion for art and helping artists shine. I highly recommend her as an artist coach--you won't be disappointed!" - Val Nelson

"I first heard about Jennifer through an artist referral. She reached out to me through my website and set up a phone conversation.  I felt an instant connection over the phone and decided to go ahead with some sessions.  This was the first time in my art career that I was opening up to a complete stranger and felt like she was responding in a way that made me feel comfortable, heard, and valued.  I am a self representing artist and want to continue in that way as long as I can and with Jennifer's support I was able to really embrace that desire.  Sessions with Jennifer allowed me to dig deeper into WHY I have chosen this path and HOW I will stay on the path of success.  Jennifer was clear on her intentions for each of our talks and I looked forward to every session with her.
My sessions with Jennifer coincided with the busiest and most successful season I've experienced so far in my art career.  Knowing I had our session each week helped keep me accountable and grounded."  - Nikki Balfour

"Ms. Johnson has an incredible drive to help artists succeed, whether they are emerging, mid-career or well established. Her energy and enthusiasm, paired with a strong sense of professionalism and a proven head for the art market, make her a valuable contact for artists, collectors and curators alike." - Lacia Vogel - artist, MFA - U of Regina, BFA - UBCO

"We met last year when you came to UBCO and did some studio visits. Just thought I would drop a line and let you know how your visit sparked a flame that ultimately turned into a killer body of work that I am quite proud of. Thank you!!” - Kelsie Balehowsky

“You have a great talent for remembering details about people and making them feel important. You are very inspiring, and I appreciate a positive voice directed at those with creative aspirations.” - Nadine Bradshaw