Art Advising 

Artists are the visual storytellers of our time and there are many benefits to collecting and owning art:

  • Art opens your mind
  • Art creates new perspectives,  feelings and ideas
  • Art helps you visualize a better world
  • Art transforms and personalizes the places where you live and work
  • Art is a fabulous conversation catalyst
  • Art can inspire you!  

Whether you are new to collecting or an art lover already, we engage in an initial interview process to help me gain an understanding of your objectives. This includes your area of interest, aesthetic taste, and budget requirements. Together we source and acquire artworks, ensuring your collection is authentic to you. This could mean studio visits with local artists and/or touring the galleries together.  Caveat: I have been known to get people to stretch a little and push their own boundaries - so you must be okay with that! 

“For twenty years I was director/curator of Exposure Gallery and was involved with many people in the Arts. Jennifer is a standout in that group.” - Ian McGuffie, Department Head - Digital Photography, VanArts

“Jennifer’s talents are many. She has a great ease of communication with artists and the public. I have been in the business of working in the art market for over three decades and have seen many self-employed people in Canada, the US, and Britain.  Ms. Johnson is the top in her abilities. I feel so confident in her abilities that I insisted she represent my work.”  - Scott Plear RCA, Painter

Private Artist Studio and Gallery Tours 

Created to inspire you,  my contemporary art tours provide a unique entrée into Vancouver’s rich and diverse art world.  Tailored to your individual interests each tour takes you on a highly informative and entertaining journey to experience the very best of what Vancouver’s leading artists and contemporary galleries have to offer.
Whether it’s for personal engagement or corporate entertainment, my contemporary art tours are bespoke experiences of the highest standard.

"Jennifer’s private art tour is still very memorable.  A group of six friends were led to some amazing spaces which held secrets and intimate conversations with three very diverse and generous Artists.  This tour offered a very precious and unique experience.  Thank you Jennifer!" - June Nicolay, Kelowna, BC

"If you want a truly unique experience that exposes you to the inner genius of working artists, I highly recommend doing one of Jennifer Johnson’s private art tours. In fact, I recommend doing more than one – I’ve done three so far. Each tour was original, and expanded my awareness of a thriving art scene that exists beyond public reach. Jennifer provided an inside track to unique artists in a variety of settings that ranged from sublimely creative and brilliantly chaotic private studios to prestigious galleries with beautifully curated collections. I met amazing artists and heard the stories that inspired their work. If you love art – or have someone in your life that is an art lover – give yourself, and them, the gift of this genuinely eye opening experience." - Gael McCool, FEEL Inc.